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   An My Duc Trading Joint Stock Company is an enterprise which specializes in exporting quicklime to foreign markets for companies manufacturing construction product or metallurgic industry. The organizational structure of the company is relatively compact. The entire business operation and commodity exportation are carried out in the Head office of the Company in Haiphong. Director who also is Chairman is responsible for the general administration of production and business activities. Company's office has an average number of 19 employees.

      The mainly exported item of An My Duc Trading Joint Stock Company is quicklime. The specification of export goods are: quick lime 90 % (with no stone, cinder and burnt lime), humidity is less than 5%, powder ratio less than 3%, impurities are less than 1%). The main raw material used to produce quicklime is lime stone and coal. An My Duc is a trading company, hence the company will purchase quicklime from suppliers in Vietnam and export to other local countries. The main supplier of An My Duc Trading Joint Stock Company is Xuan Loc One Member Limited Liability Company (Address: zone 2, Phu Thu Town, Kinh Mon District, Hai Duong Province, Vietnam). In addition, our suppliers are also some of the mining and other lime production companies in the Northern Region. Therefore, we are always ready to meet the quality standards of customer orders and international services.

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Carriage Carriage

We have a team of specialized vehicles transporting lime meet the transport requirements of customers ...

Exports of lime Exports of lime

Our lime products have been exported to many countries in the world ...

Lime industry - Foundation develop other industries Lime industry - Foundation develop other industries

During the period of economic development of Vietnam next, lime industry is a vital product, important, support for the development of other industries. The factory, the investor has the advantage of raw materials, technologies, equipment ... need to take steps to prepare, to get ready investment and market entry.

The role of calcium for plants The role of calcium for plants

According to the documents, the Who serves stimulate root development, help to form compounds make up the cell membrane, making the tree becomes more rugged ....

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