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An My Duc Trading Joint Stock Company is an enterprise carry out business with scope of business is export quicklime to foreign market for companies which manufacture construction product or metallurgic industry. The organizational structure of the company is relatively compact. The entire the operating business and export commodities are carried out in the Head office of the Company in Haiphong. Director who also is Chairman is responsible for the general administration of production and business activities. Company's office has average number of company employees 19 people.

Export items of An My Duc Trading Joint Stock Company is mainly quick lime. The specification of export goods are: quick lime 90 %( with no stone, cinder and burnt lime), humidity is less than 5%, powder ratio less than 3%, impurities are less than 1%). The main raw material created quicklime is lime stone and coal used to lime baking.  An My Duc is a trading company, so the company will purchase quicklime from supplier in Vietnam and export to other nations in local countries. In addition, suppliers are some of the mining company and other lime production in the Northern Region. So, we are always ready to meet the orders of customers with quality standards and international services.

Besides, in order to meet the requirements and expectations of further customers, the company constantly innovate quality of service, at the same time comply with the criteria and rules in serving international guests groin. The technical experts are always ready with our customers to provide the technical and support services that customers demand.

The partnership of company is primarily industrial group in Taiwan and China. Quick lime will be used to produce products relating construction or metallurgic industry.

Overview of An My Duc Trading Joint Stock company
Summary of An My Duc Trading Joint Stock company


Abbreviation name: AN MY DUC TRA.., JSC

Telephone: +84.225.3246269:                   Fax: +84.225.3246226

Headquarter Address:  in No.28, lot B1, Le Hong Phong Street, My Khe Ward, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong City, Vietnam

Based on regulation on establishment and dissolution of enterprise, the company was established in September, 30, 2011.

Charter capital: VND

Face value of share: 10.000 VND

Total number of shares: 1.100.000

Offer for sale: 0

Functions and duties of the company:

An My Duc Trading Joint Stock Company is a business organization with the following functions and duties

Export business:  direct export and entrusted export commodities

Business line:

- Supporting business service activities remaining non-classified (detail: import-export goods services).

- Wholesale material, other assemble equipment in construction( detail: bamboo, wood, timber processed, cement, brick, tile, stone, sand, gravel, construction glass, paint, veneer and sanitation equipment. lime trade)

- Metal and metal ore trade( detail: iron, steel)

- Iron ore exploitation

- Peat exploitation and collection

- Food trade

- Other road passenger transport( Detail: passenger transport fixed lines and contractual)

- Travel agent

- Operational support services related to transportation( Detail: Shipping agent services, sea transport agent service, customs clearance service)

- Warehousing and storage of goods

- Cargo transport by road

The organizational structure of the company:

Company management under the direct structure, the Board of Directors has decided all of operations of the company and is responsible.

Total personnel of company include: 19 people.

Education Level: 3 master degrees, 9 professional certificates, 15 graduated, and others certificates.


 The function of each committee:

Director: is chiefly responsible for company and board of director with regarding to all activates of company, import-export activities, directly control business departments, accounting and administrative organization of the company.

Deputy Director: represent director when director’s absence, in charge of draw up management plan, manages human resources in company department.

Chief accountant: direct all activities of accountants in company to report the final report prescribed by law and pay taxes on time. Prepare financial plan to ensure trading financial resources as requirement of company. Open letters of credit and receive implement international payment operations.


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